My Jewellery

I design contemporary beaded jewelry using combinations of silver, pearls, glass, crystals and precious stones. All my jewelry is handmade by me and is not the usual run of the mill jewelry that you would find in the shops. I try to keep costs down as much as possible and if you are wanting to by a piece of jewelry from me I guarantee to quote you an affordable price.

I pride myself on creating pieces to the best of my ability and to a very high quality. I source the best material available from the UK and India and pay careful attention to detail as I make more and more intricate designs. All my jewelry is super durable so I am able to offer a guarantee of 1 year.

My beaded jewellery is appropriate for more casual occasions, as well as smarter occasions and weddings. I have a range of bracelets and necklaces made from white pearl and colourful beads.

I also specialise in Indian jewellery and especially love making bridal jewellery. I make a lot of Jodha Akbar jewellery especially and I try to incorporate trends and styles from the catwalk or from Bollywood movies. I love Indian jewellery because it tends to be so colourful, ornate and intricate and really like the choice and variety that exist within Indian jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and headpieces such as Maang Tikka.

The other type of jewelry I specialise in is pirate jewelry. Now I know this seems a bit strange and vastly different, but it all started last year when my 11-year-old niece was going to a fancy dress party and after recently watching Pirates of The Caribbean, decided that she wanted to go as a pirate. She wore some black trousers with a bandana, white shirt and boots but she felt the look was lacking. Knowing that I can make jewellery she begged me to make her something to go with the costume. In the little time I had (two days) I rustled up a charm bracelet with had a few skulls in its midst. The bracelet worked like a treat though and she and her friends loved it. So I now find myself making pieces of pirate inspired jewellery from time to time. So if you do have a little tot who could benefit from pirate themes paraphernalia or you yourself would like some, then I can provide it.


I make also custom made jewellery for special occasions, like weddings or birthdays. I have a lot of requests for these type of products. This is a fairly new venture that I have decided to try on a larger scale because it has had such a good response. It means that if you would like something to match your wedding dress for example, we can work together to create a bespoke piece.

Custom-made jewellery products are the best way to create a unique accessory that really compliments or represents your personality. They also make great gifts for friends or loved one.

I can create your piece of jewellery based on your preferences and ideas or if you have a model you want me to work to I can do that too. Generally, I know how to realise everything but in some case if the design is more complex I will ask you to give me a deadline of a week for the conception of the design of the jewellery.

It is worth noting that there is a discount if you decide to order a jewellery set (necklace, bracelet and earrings).

Jewels 8 in 1:

I’ve created 5 collections of 8 in 1, the concept is simple: You have a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings and 8 various pendants. It is necessary to note that all the pendants are supplied with double, thus it will make for you 16 counterparts all in all. You can ask to have pendants triples or in quadruple, will be charged to you a surplus but you will not have to pay the price of the whole pendant.

All pendants have a really different style, you can choose from 56 various pendants to create your own collection, or you can choose from our 5 different collections. This is a good compromise because you can put counterparts on earrings on the necklace and the bracelet, furthermore it is not expensive and you will being able to dictate the design of your own unique piece of jewellery.