Making jewelry, particularly from my own bespoke designs can be a challenge. So I have many different sources of inspiration which I call upon when I have creative block. I thought I would include them in this section along with some tips in case any of you are also fellow jewellery makers and ever suffer from this problem.

My number one place to go to if I want to see what other people are doing and get inspired by jewelry designs is to Pinterest because that is home to a large community of jewelry lovers. Next is instagram because we all know that is a great visual medium in which to show off what you own. So type in the term jewellery and hey presto, say goodbye to the next hour of your life.

Another great place is YouTube, which is a fabulous place if you would like to actually watch someone work at their craft or if you want to watch a tutorial because you have still not managed to work out how to get that bracelet looking right. I find YouTube particularly good in that I find nothing motivates me more than seeing someone else being productive and just killing it at what they do.

I personally have a digital mood board which I update with things that I randomly find on the internet and think are really beautiful or funny and like to look through my now humongous mood board whenever I’m stuck for ideas.

If none of these ideas work though then I would recommend just taking a break for a while. It can really make a world of difference if you just take a step back and do something completely different for a while. Myself, I love going on long walks to clear my head and be surrounded by beautiful scenery or I just love distracting myself by being with my family or reading a good book. Whatever your vices or favorite forms of relaxation are, don’t be afraid to do them – even if it is the middle of the day- because they could very well rejuvenate you.

Another way I get inspiration is just by going out and buying new material such as stones and pearls. All the stones and pearls that I receive already give me an idea of what to create because products the are really beautiful and of excellent qualities, so I start to picture different things I can do with them.

When it comes to create custom-made jewellery, I really have no difficulties in finding the inspiration, for the custom-made jewels for example I take my inspiration from the personality of the person who is going to wear the jewel as well as from things which surround me. If the inspiration does not come to me I do something else for a few hours or a day to give me a fresh perspective.

Creating Jewellery, is a special kind of art for me because it asks you to be creative and to know how to make something harmonious as well as practical.