Thanks for stopping by Jamie’s pirate jewelry. I am the aforementioned Jamie. Despite the name I don’t just specialise in pirate jewelry – although it is something I dabble in from time to time, I do also create many other types of jewelry such as Indian jewelry and beaded jewelry

I am from Ireland but have visited India many times with my Indian husband – hence my interest in Indian jewellery. I have been married for 5 years now and am absolutely loving it. I currently have a three-year old girl and a 3-month old boy so am very sleep deprived at the moment. My profession is journalism and have spent many years working for various papers in Dublin. Just before the birth of my daughter I decided to quite office based journalism and instead to freelance. I am so pleased I took this decision because it gives me the best of both worlds. I am still able to do what I love and make a good living, but I am able to work more flexible hours and be at home with my children. Aside from journalism I also write comedy scripts in my spare time. So far this has just been for pleasure and I have not tried to do anything with them.

Another love of mine and what this website is dedicated to is jewellery. I have always been a very creative person and have loved to make things with my hands. When I was about 16 my late grandmother bought me a jewelry making kit, which was essentially a simple selection of beads, string and different patterns you could follow. Being a rebellious 16-year-old I scoffed at the idea and didn’t touch it for 6-months, but then when I broke my leg my grandma suggested I try it. And you know what? I’m so pleased I did, because it genuinely did transform my life. I love making jewelry and just find it so therapeutic.

After making all the beaded jewellery I decided to move on to more complex jewelry and after taking a lot of lessons and following lots of existing designs I then decided to start creating my own unique jewellery. I love doing both because I love trying to figure out an existing design and copy it as accurately as possible, but I also like to really stretch myself and be creative and come up with my own ideas. After I’d been making jewelry for about a year I started getting requests from family and friends where they would either ask for particular things to go with certain outfits or they would ask me to surprise them.

I love making a wide range of jewellery - especially Indian jewellery because it tends to be so colourful, ornate and intricate and really like the choice and variety that exist within Indian jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and headpieces such as Maang Tikka.

I have thought about doing something more with my jewelry for a while now and have now decided to put it out on the internet and see how a wider circle of people responds to it. This is still just a hobby for me and not something I would want as a main career, but it is a nice break from writing and motherhood from time to time. I am in the process of setting up an etsy shop and will notify you all when it’s up and running. In the meantime if you would like any of my jewelry you can email me!

Meghan's Wedding Ring

I must tell you about my new project, I am at the moment sourcing Swarovski crystals and will soon have a prototype for an affordable ring in the same style and design as the one the American Meghan Markle received from England's Prince Harry for their engagement. The original one has a Botswana Yellow Diamond center piece and two other diamons that belonged to the late Princess Diana.

I will be replicating the same style and colours in crystals but I will be accepting personalized requests for other stone colours, show your interest by sending me an email and I shall keep you updated when the preorders are open.